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Highlights of New Zealand

This week on Vacation Nation Radio, hosted by TravelKatz, we will be talking about a really exciting International Destination. A place to which you may have only dreamed of traveling. Listen now because we are talking about Group Travel to a fantastic place – New Zealand! Our 15-day trip wraps up the must-sees of both the North and South islands with a nice little bow. Consider this your New Zealand starter kit.  The supplier of choice, the style of travel and the regions we’ll visit, well, travel can be unpredictable.  There is a certain amount of flexibility built into this itinerary, as we never know exactly where our journey will take us, so, any travel times listed are subject to a variety of circumstances.  Can’t wait to get there!

Colorado – Travel in the USA

In this edition of Vacation Nation Radio hosted by Travelkatz very own Kathryn Hoyt & Sandra Holder, we will be talking about Colorado Museums in a state that boasts mountainous beauty . While there, you may even want to take in the state’s natural wonders or visit the state capital. Whatever you choose, staying stateside isn’t such a bad idea. And don’t forget the beauty of the National Parks or National Monuments which are located around the state, too. We live in a beautiful and vastly different country from sea to shining sea.

Baja Pacific Coast  – Cruises

Let’s talk about cruising. Have you really ever thought about all those seven seas or the rivers of the world? Let TravelKatz sail you away on a Group Travel exploration along Baja’s Pacific Coast and the Sea of Cortez to exponentially increase your chances of seeing humpbacks, gigantic blue whales, sperm, pilot whales, and more.  Your floating base camp (the ship) brings you into the breeding grounds of gray whales to observe their calves on intimate water-level encounters, and from the ship’s bow along with expert naturalists.  Go snorkeling amid sea lions and schools of king angelfish in the Sea of Cortez and in extraordinary Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. Kayak clear blue waters on the lookout for a variety of bird species including magnificent frigate birds.  Hike or walk diverse landscapes, including sand dunes, a cactus forest, and deserted islands. Discover the wonders of the various cultures and cuisine at each of the ports o’call. Every one of them will be different and distinct in their own right. Discuss with your family, friends or business partners and plan that family reunion or seminar at sea; this could be that educational experience you are looking for. You decide!

Travelkatz Travel Tips

Last but not least is our Vacation Nation Radio Travel Tips. TravelKatz loves to offer our opinions and suggestions regarding packing, traveling with children, getting in-and-out of the airport quickly, first-time cruising tips – these are just among the several tips we offer. Listen weekly for these tips that will help you make your vacation even more flawless.

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TravelKatz® Vacation Testimonials

I accompanied a group of 12 to Alaska this past summer.  We flew into Seattle, saw some of the sights, and then flew to Juneau to start our Adventure Cruise.  What a wonderful Adventure. We saw glaciers, hump-back whales and other fascinating things...we would do this again. Thank you for such a great time!

Sandy H, St Petersburg, FL

I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful job you did organizing our trip. It absolutely was the best vacation I have ever had. This was my first time over seas and what a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am going through “James” withdraw today. He was an amazing tour guide and fit in so well with our group. I will definitely recommend you if I know of anyone thinking of going over to Ireland. Your country is so beautiful and everyone is so friendly. I can’t thank you enough for everything.

Jack & JoAnn Douglass, Miami, FL

I appreciated all the information that was given before I left on the trip. Our Guide, Jerry filled in all the other interesting information on what to expect. I felt safe, well feed and learned so much from a trip 45 mins from USA…I want people to see the beauty of the country, the people and their wonderful culture. I so loved the music. I am playing the CD’s often that I bought from the musicians. A trip I would like to do again. Thank you.

Susan Peterson, Spring Hill, FL

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